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What actually is this inner balance? I will answer by asking: How are you today? How is your body, your head, your emotions and your relationships with other people?

Maybe nobody has asked you about this before, but this is true – all these things are in you, mutually connected. According to WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or some disability. Maybe that explains growing popularity of the gym, fitness or yoga, healthy food and everything which is simpler and closer to nature – we want to catch our balance living faster and trying to achieve more and more at the same time. If we do not succeed, maybe the reason is in our head – in our habitual way of thinking. We try to do even more and at the same time we forget to feel; for example, we do not feel fatigue or satisfaction and joy of completing a task – we just keep running to the next thing. We have stopped feeling joy, pleasure, satisfaction, contentment – and still we are trying so hard. Why do we rush to the next task – if you cannot stop here and feel satisfaction, will you find it in the place you are running to? It seems to me that our basic difficulty is to tell ourselves to stop. That’s enough. Stop.

And this stopping may be the beginning of something new. Perhaps you will notice that you have many achievements, but somehow you forgot about yourself – about your well-being and maybe your health. Note how your relationships with your loved ones and friends are – when did you last have time for yourselves? And when did you do something that really gave you a lot of joy and deep rest?

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