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Nothing gives you joy? Your energy is low or even you have depressive states?

Everybody can suffer from depression, regardless of their age, income or social status. The symptoms of the first episode of depression are not only deep feelings of sadness but also a lack of energy and loss of interest. When recognizing depression additional symptoms are also taken into account, such as problems with memory and concentration, feelings of worthlessness, an excessive sense of guilt, a sense of hopelessness, preoccupation with death or thoughts of self-harm and sleep and appetite changes. To talk about depression this state needs to last at least 14 days. Of course, there are antidepressants, but they do not remove the cause of this illness, but only mitigate its effects.
What to do in the situation when you suspect you can have depression? For sure you need to get some help, it is best to consult a psychiatrist and also consider psychotherapy. Medication is used to get you out of severe depression so that you can function reasonably well. At this stage psychotherapy is possible and recommended. The psychotherapeutic relationship is crucial here, because you get deep support based on respect and acceptance of who you really are. What is especially difficult for people in depression is that – in their perception – time stops and they cannot see any possibility of change, therefore of getting out of their depression. The therapist is the person who accompanies them and does not leave them, also he does not hurry them up; he or she is the person who believes in the possibility of change. Sometimes, in severe depression, a therapy session is simply a meeting, being together, sometimes in silence. It is difficult to talk about plans for the future because the words fail, but the therapist can make sure that the other person is comfortable, take care about them, let them cry and express their pain – and this brings relief, and with time – a change. Besides medication and therapy, a healthy, proper diet and exercise help to get out of depression.
I work with people who suffer from lowered mood or depressive states, who don’t find joy in things. If you feel that you have got stuck and you cannot break it I welcome you to call me, because a change is possible.