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Passion, you need passion – those will survive who created their world…
(Artur Domosławski)

You don’t have to buy everything at the supermarket; actually you can do amazingly many things yourself. This approach reflects some opposition to trash and advertising and also it is quite creative and fun!
I’ve been making my own body creams since I bought a “great” cream at a spa and checked its composition. It had 48 ingredients; in addition to water and a microscopic amount of healthy oils, it contained a whole bunch of chemistry to bleach, stiffen and fix it, and give it a fragrance. My first cream was made of olive oil, linden tea, water and an emulsifier; I mixed it with a coffee frother 🙂 Since then I have learned a lot about both the properties of oils and my skin; I make creams as needed, depending on what I have and what time of year it is. My creams are not white, because they have the color of the oil I add – for example, avocado cream is greenish and sea buckthorn – orange, I do not burden my skin with unnecessary chemistry and I have a lot of fun with it.
Soap made at home is also beneficial – I also make it. Household soap is a pure salt of alkali and fat, and as a result of the ingredients reaction, glycerin is formed, which additionally oils the skin. As a result, home soap does not dry the skin like commercial soap; it foams the same and sometimes even smells, depending on how much essential oils I add – according to my taste.
We also bake our own rye bread, wholemeal sourdough. Probably nothing can match the smell of freshly baked bread – it compensates for the work of baking it at home, also it is fresh for a long time and keeps well.
Why is it worth the trouble? Well, it brings a lot of joy, because it is creativity and agency, a feeling that I can create something out of nothing and that it will be quite unique and healthy; also, in a way, it is ecological. That is my perspective on useful creativity and I encourage you to try being creative – discover your passions and pursue them with joy!